Metro, Canada’s third largest grocer, approached Hifyre to design and develop a website to digitize a payroll donation program. “Before meeting with us, Metro had been manually processing charitable donations for over 27,000 employees,” says Hifyre Project Manager Alex Verdurmen. “Needless to say, this documentation submission process was not just cumbersome, but costly for Metro.”

“Before meeting with us, Metro had been manually processing charitable donations for over 27,000 employees.”

Alex Verdurmen, Hifyre Project Manager


Hifyre was asked to increase employee donation participation rates. To achieve this, Hifyre wanted to make the process of donating effortless to the employee. The existing process involved filling out form after form, and in triplicate for record keeping needs. “The obvious first step was eliminating paper from the process altogether,” says Alex. To address this, the team at Hifyre developed a web-based donation portal for Metro employees. Having a centralized resource allowed all Metro employees to donate to various food related charities (United Way, Second Harvest, Ontario Association of Food Banks, and Breakfast Clubs of Canada). Each of these donations were then written to a managed and exportable database, and have cross device accessibility. Hifyre also enabled Metro to disseminate invites to all their employees via email and internal flyers.


As a result of Hifyre’s innovative digitization, Metro reduced their administrative times by 90% by taking a process that used to require intensive paperwork and manual labour to a fully digital system. Even transcription errors were eliminated. There has also been increased employee participation rates as a result of the user friendly interface and website.

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