When it comes to purchasing medicinal cannabis products in Canada, the legal options are limited. This is true today, but was even more so in 2013 when Mettrum Health Corporation first approached Hifyre. Mettrum, one of the first licensed producers of medicinal cannabis in Canada, was looking to establish themselves as a technology leader in their industry. “No one was onboarding patients digitally at that time. Mettrum came to us to help them not only implement a digital strategy, but to navigate the regulatory process behind keeping medical data secure,” says Hifyre CEO Matthew Hollingshead.

“Hifyre was instrumental in the growth of Mettrum. Hifyre helped us build and manage an industry first digital platform that maintained a leading edge in a highly competitive market.”

Michael Haines, CEO Mettrum


The Hifyre team set to work building out a strategy with Mettrum. “We knew this project would involve time sensitive components to establish Mettrum’s place as an industry leader,” says Matthew. Conforming to complex and limiting Health Canada regulations, Hifyre designed and developed an online portal for Mettrum’s clients, physicians and customer service representatives. The legalities presented by the Canadian government concerning signing legal documents online, and storing personal client data, proved to be a challenge. Ultimately, it was a valuable growing experience for Hifyre. Matthew reflects, “The team enjoyed the opportunity of navigating and developing creative solutions within the limitations presented. We’re now very familiar with how to implement secure healthcare solutions.”


Hifyre developed and created a first of its kind portal for Mettrum, that worked for both clients and physicians alike. Clients were able to easily register and purchase their marijuana. Physicians were able to submit the necessary documentation for new clients and prescriptions hassle-free. “Before our solution for Mettrum, the onboarding process took upwards of two weeks due to lengthy in-office doctor visits and paperwork,” says Matthew. After Hifyre developed the patient/physician portal, the process was scaled down to mere hours for customer account activation. This drastically increased Mettrum’s customer acquisition. In addition to speeding up the on-boarding process, the portal also allowed customers and physicians to login to access their order history and engage with products online. Hifyre also created custom CSR tools, which further enabled Mettrum to be the breakout leader in their industry. These tools helped Mettrum to manage their clients, gain insights into trends, manage inventory and record customer communications. They integrated seamlessly with Mettrum’s existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems.

Launching a $432 million dollar business

Hifyre’s development of internal business systems, building an online store, and creating customer acquisition tools, led Mettrum to be one of the fastest growing licensed medicinal cannabis producers in Canada. Their customer growth exceeded production capacity in the first 4 months, and customer sign up timelines went from weeks to hours. Customer service representative costs decreased by 70%, and customer application processes drastically increased customer satisfaction. As a result of their success, Mettrum was officially acquired for $432 million in January of 2017 – the largest Canadian medicinal cannabis company acquisition to date. At the time of Mettrum’s acquisition, the portal that Hifyre built had 21,000 active patients, brought in 1.7 million monthly page views, generated 300 daily orders, and saw an average of 700 new patients per month.

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