When Hifyre and Nerd Alert first met, Nerd Alert was a small door-to-door operation. They were essentially a “tech support” company. If you needed tech help, you called a number and a “nerd” was dispatched to your house. There were only a handful of nerds and the service was limited to a small area. Hifyre CEO Matthew Hollingshead remembers, “Nerd Alert was just a small outfit initially, but they had so much potential. All they needed was a digital strategy to scale.”

“We love partnering with companies that have big ideas and even bigger ambitions.”

Matthew Hollingshead, CEO Hifyre


Hifyre was intrigued by the ideas that Nerd Alert had, and Nerd Alert needed a competent digital team. So the two teams decided to join forces. Moving forward quickly, Hifyre conducted market research and then built a custom digital platform from the ground up. “Nerd Alert needed a platform that would allow them to expand into new markets. One that would enable nerds to sign up and start completing jobs independently, as well as a platform that allowed customers to find the tech support they needed at a moments notice,” says Matthew.


Satisfying both customers and service providers in one platform proved to be a challenge. Hifyre designed and developed a suite of tools including a mobile app for the “nerd” technician, a customer service dashboard (with integrated CRM), and a web portal for bookings. People interested in working for Nerd Alert just need to download the app, and take various aptitude tests to ensure their technology knowledge is on par with Nerd Alert standards. Upon approval, “nerds” then began accepting job offers, receiving instructions, and processing payments-all through the mobile platform. Once gigs are booked, they can be managed by customer service representatives through a tailor-made customer service dashboard. On the consumer end- a new web portal with online booking capabilities was built, which was an addition to the preexisting 1-800 option.


The world is becoming more tech saturated every day. With the aging baby boomers and retirees as a key target market segment, Nerd Alert is projected to grow very rapidly. For an operation that was previously limited to hotline requests for tech help, Hifyre has helped Nerd Alert achieve its true potential as a high growth startup. “Our team is excited to see where our work takes Nerd Alert,” says Matthew, “We love partnering with companies that have big ideas and even bigger ambitions.”

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