Client work is not the only focus here at Hifyre. When inspiration strikes, our team is known for building completely novel products to share with the world. Our latest, Patchwork, began as a simple idea, using simple drawings to create simple patchworks. But simple can have many layers, and Hifyre began to realize that Patchwork was also a way to engage and bring communities together.

“Patchwork brings color and creativity to community.”

Inspired by the idea of communities creating patchwork quilts to tell a story, the Hifyre team got to work building a social drawing app. After completing a design sprint, it was decided that the simpler the user experience – the better. Users would be prompted to draw a picture or “patch,” and then add it to a patchwork of their choice. If there was no patchwork that fit their drawing, users would be able to start a new patchwork board.


Before the idea of Patchwork was fully formed, Hifyre had decided to run a design and development sprint exercise. The team was given a week-long timeline and the creative freedom to pitch ideas. “Hifyre is a team full of dreamers, creatives, and inventors,” says Robyn Edgar, Community Engagement for Hifyre. “Throwing an open ended project at the team was a great outlet for everyone to build something together.”

Always challenging themselves, one of the initial goals of the project was to deliver a finished app in a set timeframe. So specs were determined based on both usability and ease of implementation. This proved to be tougher than originally thought. Initial iterations of the drawing board gave the team a few problems to solve. However, once the kinks were worked out, everyone on the team was having fun drawing patches in their free time, a sign of a product with potential.


Upon completion of the app, the Hifyre team wanted to put Patchwork to a real world test. “Our inspirations for the app, based on creating visual conversations in the community, was also what inspired us to reach out to local partners for launching Patchwork,” says Robyn. “We wanted to give the community a platform through which they could express themselves. What started as a simple sprint exercise in design and development has become a team favourite and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with the world.”

We love getting our hands and minds on exciting new projects, and love working with new clients. If you are interested in working with us, send us a note.