StartsNow is not your average calendar of events. Picture this — you’re sitting at home, wondering if there’s anything fun happening around town. No one has invited you to anything interesting, but you want to get out of the house. Alternatively, maybe you’re on the road for work and are in a new city. You don’t know anyone, and you didn’t have time to research fun things going on in the area. StartsNow is your open invite to everything that is starting now. It’s not about planning and scheduling events well off into the future. Who has time for that anyways? StartsNow is focused on spontaneity and living in the present.


Traditional events listing apps and websites provide you information on upcoming events, requiring you to plan your experiences. People who strive to “live in the now” are at a disadvantage for utilizing technology to find events in their area, whereas “planners” will find their events organically well in-advance of the date. Our challenge with StartsNow was to create an app that would satisfy the users looking for the instant gratification of finding what’s happening right now, where they are, and make it extremely simple to use.


The first step in launching any product is to perform extensive customer and market research to ensure there is a need and interest for what you want to build. Hifyre CEO Matthew Hollingshead says, “We went out and surveyed the public, we launched an online survey for a broader reach and we created a beta launch landing page so that we could begin to gather an email list for prospective users. From the collected research we defined the target audience and key locations for launch.” In designing StartsNow, Hifyre also identified a key monetization challenge. How do you create daily engagements with your audience? To solve this problem, we created some key features including the ability to follow friends and key influencers, open chat around upcoming and current events & the ability for users to create and share their own events.


StartsNow is currently in beta testing with a small set of active users. Once beta testing is completed, StartsNow will launch and be available in all major Canadian cities. Currently the app is available on iOS and Android devices. The addition of a web based version is in progress. Future iterations of StartsNow will include the addition of ticket purchasing, payment processing and partnerships with event management companies and key local influencers.

We love getting our hands and minds on exciting new projects, and love working with new clients. If you are interested in working with us, send us a note.