The YMCA of Hamilton Burlington Brantford wanted to find a way to keep the parents and caregivers more connected to their children throughout the day. So the YMCA approached creative branding studio Kitestring to help them develop an idea for a mobile app that would allow parents to stay up to date on small moments and big milestones in their child’s day to day learning. Kitestring brought Hifyre onboard as the technical partner to help plan and build the app.

“Hifyre brings a level of passion, expertise, and commitment to the projects we collaborate on that can only come from a company that really loves what they do. They provide us confidence that we will deliver nothing but the best for our clients. Add this to the fact that they are just a great bunch people and you can see why we truly enjoy our relationship with Hifyre.”

Jenn Hudder, CEO Kitestring Creative Branding Studio


Hifyre, Kitestring, and the YMCA all worked together to identify the key features necessary for an app that would allow families a window into the lives of their children. In addition, the app needed two-way communication functionality between the YMCA’s dedicated educators and parents.

With these requirements in mind, Hifyre built a custom mobile app and web-based administrative portal to satisfy the needs of both parents and educators. Through the web-based administrative platform, educators are able to send parents and other family members updates on their child’s play and learning. Each day, family members can access personalized updates on their child’s day, pictures of their child engaged in learning, and a direct line to both the classroom and their child’s educator. This functionality allows parents to be connected to their children, all while using a secure platform.


After the successful launch of Weemarkable in the YMCA of Hamilton Burlington Brantford, the program was introduced into the YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka and the YMCA of Western Ontario on a licensing basis. The YMCA of Hamilton Burlington Brantford has 54 classrooms and approaching 3,000 parents using the app.

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