Child care dropoffs and pickups are often a hectic process. Parents are focused on getting their child settled or packed up, while always keeping their eyes on the clock. Daycare providers do not have it any easier. They are busy helping children that are struggling, and trying to keep everyone organized. This predicament leaves no opportunity for parents to engage with the people who are teaching their children daily.

The Hamilton Burlington Brantford YMCA recognized this, and wanted to make sure parents were able to stay in the loop. Questions like “How are they doing during the day? Are they getting their nap in? Have they been eating their food,” should be a part of the day to day interactions. So the YMCA approached the team at Hifyre, and creative branding studio Kitestring, to create an app that would allow educators to connect with families.

“Hifyre brings a level of passion, expertise, and commitment to the projects we collaborate on that can only come from a company that really loves what they do. They provide us confidence that we will deliver nothing but the best for our clients. Add this to the fact that they are just a great bunch people and you can see why we truly enjoy our relationship with Hifyre.”

Jenn Hudder, CEO Kitestring Creative Branding Studio


In order to build a product that would work for both the child care providers and the families in daycare, Hifyre and Kitestring needed to build a product that was safe, secure, and simple to use. In addition to those requirements, it also needed to be robust, in case they needed to scale the project if other YMCA regions adopted the application.

Hifyre built a mobile app and web-based administrative portal to satisfy the needs of both parents and educators. Educators are now able to send parents and other family members updates on their child by uploading content to the web portal. Throughout each day, family members get personalized updates on their child, pictures of the activities for the day, and a direct line to the classroom. Parents and families are able to comment and interact with the content that educators post to their channel, allowing them to be a part of the daily routine.


After the successful launch of Weemarkable in the Hamilton Burlington Brantford YMCA regions, the program was introduced into the Simcoe/Muskoka YMCA on a licensing basis. Each region has 57 classrooms currently using the app, for a total of 114 classrooms currently sharing childcare updates with families. To date, approximately 350,000 updates have been sent out to the nearly 3,000 parents using the application. Plans to roll the program out throughout Toronto are already underway, and a national expansion of the application is expected with time.

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