September 28, 2017Posted by Hifyre Admin

A case study is designed to inform a target audience about a company’s product or service. It illustrates how these products/services can make the customer’s life better. Case studies are real life examples of how a product/service has added value to a customer and helped them achieve their goal. A great case study is also able to convert a reader into a customer.

A case study should make a potential customer feel:

  • You are highly qualified in your industry.
  • You know the industry’s specific problems/needs.
  • You know how to provide targeted solutions and proven results.

Step #1: Headline, Tone, Format, Images

When writing a case study, always use a conversational tone. Distill complex concepts into simple to understand language. The content should be structure with ample breaks, white space, headings and sub-headings. The headline of the study is very important as it needs to grab the reader’s attention very quickly. It is best to keep it between 5 to 10 words long. Spend the time to find the right headline, it is worth it. CoSchedule has a free online headline analyzer that can help you find a great option. The headline’s focus should be on a specific result. For example; ‘Company Y increases revenue by Z% by doing X cheap.’ Don’t forget to include accompanying imagery as well.

Step #2: Key Achievements, Background

The case study then needs to include key achievements. These can be outlined in bullet points, which allow the potential customer to decide whether they want to read on. The background of the study should include the following questions;

  • Who is the sample customer and what do they do?
  • What are some details around your relationship to this customer?

Step #3: Challenge, Results, Call To Action

The next step is to write the ‘Challenge’ section. This should be approximately 150 words. It includes a description of the customer’s goals as well as the goals of similar companies. You should also include a few key points on the impact of the customer’s problem/need. Focus on the particular pain points so that potential customers can resonate.The results of the cases study can be described in approx. 200 words. This is where you can promote your product/service simply by saying which ones you used and how they met or exceeded the desired result. Make sure to identify proof for your results. Your readers should have no doubt that your solution worked. Finally, always use a call to action. At this point, your readers should now feel impressed by your story and proven results, and want to find out more about you.

Congratulations! You now know how to write a high quality, engaging and efficient case study. Now sit back and let the conversions begin!