December 6, 2017Posted by Hifyre Admin

Healthy and happy employees translate into company success. It’s as simple as that. Companies that invest in their employees are companies that have invested employees. This is why employee wellness programs have gained traction over the years and are now seen in many companies large and small. It’s a program designed to engage employees in physical, mental and spiritual health. The Canadian government has even adopted this practice. So if they are willing to incorporate a program for their employees, here is why everyone else should too.


“The human body can’t tell the difference between mental and physical stress.”


Wellness Programs Lead to a Decrease in Sick Days

This is an obvious reason, but one that has far reaching consequences. When employees are overworked, overstressed, and just generally overwhelmed, they will inevitably fall ill and miss work. This is true for mental health as well. The human body can’t tell the difference between mental and physical stress. An overstressed mind can result in a weakened immune system in the exact same way virus exposure can. In 2016, Canadian employees took on average 10 days off of work, due to illness.* However, when a company delivers a wellness program that consistently allows people to decompress, learn, get exercise and bond with each other, absenteeism decreases. One meta-analysis of 42 corporate wellness studies found a 25% reduction in sick leave.* These programs help employees enjoy an increased immune system and decreased mental stress and chronic disease.

Your Employees Productivity Will Increase

When people feel like their employers care, their engagement naturally increases. Increased engagement turns into greater productivity. And for those bosses that are all about the Benjamin’s and motivated by money, this translates into increased profits. The old saying that you have to spend money to make money is true. A small investment in an employee wellness program can actually have a large ROI (Return On Investment). Not just from decreased absenteeism, but from increased productivity and job engagement as well.

Talent Acquisition and Turnover Reduction

The success of any company relies on the people that work there, and let’s face it-good employees are hard to find. Wellness programs are very attractive to potential employees. If a candidate is weighing two different job offers, a progressive wellness program could be just the thing that sways them. This also works for keeping employees that are considering leaving a company. The wellness program could help them deal with other undesirable aspects of their job.

Employee Morale Improves and Everyone Wins

Happy employees equal company success. A very simple but very true concept. Employee morale can’t be underestimated, though unfortunately many companies do not see the importance. Misery loves company. When one employee is not happy in the work environment, it can have a trickling effect and influence other employees and their happiness. Though it is not realistic to expect everyone to be happy every day, when employees are relaxed, supported and cared for, it will be mirrored in the office. It will be a tangible feeling that is felt throughout the space.

A great employee wellness program requires commitment from both employer and employee. It needs to be lead with strong leadership and is not a one-angled approach. It is best achieved by using different touch points. It also needs to evolve with the times and incorporate activities that resonate with the employees. Andrew Carnegie, a business magnate from the late 1800s and identified as one of the richest people ever, once said this; “I’m not in the business of making money, I’m in the business of building men.” In current times, this of course includes women too. But this age old wisdom can’t be ignored. A company’s success relies on its people, and a wellness program is the best way to support them.